CSC Services
The Common Services Centers Scheme envisages provisioning of the B2C services along with the G2C services. The SCA will have to integrate and coordinate with the various B2C Content providers. The entire responsibility for gathering the functional requirements of B2C services, development and deployment of the services rests with the SCA.

Commercial Services

The SCA would manage relationships with the SDA for provision of G2C Services through the CSCs. The SCA will also be required to interface with the other State Government Agencies and collaboratively work on improvement of services offered and introduction of new services from time to time. The SCA would also take the onus of collecting the already digitized data from various Government departments at Taluka / GP level, and upload the same on the central server. This would be critical to consolidate.

e-Mitra G2C and B2C Services

B2C Services

“Mobile Phone”, a boon to mankind, no longer is a luxury item but instead has become a necessity in every ones life. It has emerged as a strongest technology to bridge digital divide between urban haves and rural have not. Government and private agencies have also started using “Mobile Phone” to deliver citizen and business services to common man. Within two decades of its launch in India, mobile phone has reached at remote rural hamlet despite the much known hurdles like lack of connectivity and electricity and low level of literacy. In the other side, it has created lakhs of direct and indirect job opportunities for youths. It has emerged as a delivery channel for different kind of services and now anyone can transfer amount from one bank account to another using their mobile phone. After the launch of 3G technologies in India users are able to access health, educational, agricultural, infotainment services on their mobile phone.

Services available regarding MOBILE RECHARGE are as under-

MOBILE PIN RECHARGE: - The mobile can be recharged by using Mobile PIN Recharge service that is provided at CSC Centres.

MOBILE e-RECHARGE:- Mobile e-Recharge service is also available at CSC centres.

DTH RECHARGE:- DTH Recharge service is also available.

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Services available regarding INSURANCE are as under-

The insurance services are as under:-

1. LIC General Insurance Premium Payment

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G2C Services
G2C Services:

e-Mitra is an integrated project to facilitate the urban and the rural masses with maximum possible services related to different state government departments through Lokmitra-Janmitra Centers/Kiosks. The e-Mitra Project integrates LokMitra (an urban centric e-government project) and JanMitra (a rural centric e-enabled service delivery system) so as to bring together all the departments under one roof in an efficient, transparent, convenient and friendly manner using IT in all or any aspects of citizen service to maximize speed, accountability, objectivity, affordability and accessibility from the perspective of the citizens. Various Citizen-centric services of Government departments are being made available in integrated form through 'e-Mitra' centers / kiosks also known as service & information delivery points. This project has been implemented across 32 districts under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. The key objectives of the project are as mentioned below:-

• Provide for hassle free one-stop solution to the citizen.
• Unified e-services platform minimize multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reducing the wastage of valuable time.
• Combines best features of LokMitra & JanMitra models.
• Enhanced services basket more departments including private sector services.
• Uniform information interchange architecture.
• Public-Private Partnership model for Front Offices.
• Back Office to be owned by Government but operated by Technology Partner.
• Will provide employment to over 2000 educated youths.
• Uses real time, Internet & batch processing modes.
• Being expanded across the state in phased manner.

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